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Apple WWDC 2024: Enhanced Customization and New Features

At Apple WWDC 2024, Apple has significantly emphasized integrating advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, rebranded as Apple Intelligence, into its ecosystem. Alongside these AI advancements, the event also unveiled the much-anticipated iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, watchOS 11, visionOS 2, and tvOS 18, each bringing a host of new functionalities and improvements. Apple WWDC 2024…

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NASA’s Aviary Aircraft Modeling Tool

Aviary Aircraft Modeling Tool : NASA New Innovation

Advent of digital modelling tools has catalyzed a revolutionary shift in how aircraft are designed and tested. NASA, a pioneering force in aerospace innovation, has Released its latest contribution to this evolving landscape: Aviary. This state-of-the-art software platform marks a significant leap forward, building upon NASA's rich legacy of employing advanced computational tools for aviation.…

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Google Accessibility Features on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Google Accessibility Features : A New Phase

Google has announced a series of innovative Google Accessibility Features across its suite of products. The announcement, made on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, underscores the tech giant's commitment to improving the digital experience for people with disabilities. These updates, designed collaboratively with and for the disability community, span widely used applications such as Google Maps,…

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Google Veo Video Generator

Google Veo Video Generator: Text-To-Video Generator

At the annual Google I/O developer conference in 2024, Google launched its most advanced AI text-to-video generator to date, Google Veo Video Generator. This tool offers high-quality video generation capabilities that promise to transform content creation across various industries. Veo is designed to generate 1080p resolution videos that extend beyond a minute, catering to professional…

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