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EU AI Act 2024: A New Era of Enlightened AI Governance

The EU AI Act Summit 2024, slated for February 6th at the America Square Conference Centre in London, marks a pivotal moment in the realm of artificial intelligence regulation.

This summit is particularly significant as it centers around the groundbreaking European Union AI Act, a landmark legislation in the AI industry. As the first of its kind, this comprehensive regulatory framework sets the stage for how artificial intelligence will be governed on an international scale.

The Summit promises an in-depth exploration of the Act, shedding light on its intricate details, global implications, and the challenges it poses to innovation and competitiveness within the AI industry.

This event represents an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and financial services, to gain practical insights and prepare for the changes and responsibilities that the EU AI Act introduces.

With an array of distinguished speakers and experts sharing their perspectives, the Summit is poised to be a vital platform for understanding and navigating the future of AI regulation.

The EU AI Act

The European Union’s AI Act stands as a watershed moment in the regulation of artificial intelligence, representing a significant shift in the landscape of AI governance.

This act adopts a prescriptive, rules-based approach to AI regulation, categorizing AI systems into different levels of risk, each requiring varying degrees of regulatory scrutiny.

This comprehensive legal framework, agreed upon in December 2023, is set to profoundly influence the development and use of AI technologies. Notably, the Act was modified late last year to address the rapid advancements in generative AI, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field and the need for adaptive legislation.

This groundbreaking legislation has not been without controversy. It has sparked intense debates within the AI industry, particularly concerning its potential impact on innovation and business competitiveness.

Some industry players have raised concerns about the stringent rules-based approach and its implications for the global AI market. Despite these debates, the EU AI Act is poised to shape the future of AI, setting a precedent for international AI regulation and highlighting the need for a balanced approach that fosters innovation while ensuring responsible AI development.

Summit Agenda and Highlights

The EU AI Act Summit 2024, set to take place in London, is shaping up to be a landmark event in the AI regulatory landscape, featuring a robust agenda packed with insights and expert discussions.

The summit will showcase an impressive array of keynote speakers and panelists, including industry leaders like Minesh Tanna of Simmons & Simmons, Kai Zenner from the European Parliament, and Vivienne Artz, a renowned data strategy and privacy policy advisor.

A highlight of the summit is the keynote address by Dr. Frank De Jonghe from EY, focusing on confidently navigating the complexities of the EU AI Act.

One of the key panels will offer a comparative perspective on AI regulation, featuring experts from various regions, including Julia Sterling of Commerzbank AG and William Malcolm from Google, providing a global view on the subject.

A critical panel discussion, moderated by Catharina Glugla from Allen & Overy, will delve into the Act’s impact on financial services and other key industries, offering sector-specific insights.

The summit also includes a fireside chat centered on the rapidly evolving domain of generative AI, exploring the latest trends and applications.

Concluding the event, Minesh Tanna will lead a session on AI skills and talent development, addressing the challenges and strategies for fostering AI adoption across industries.

This summit is not just a gathering for experts but an essential platform for professionals in AI, digital risk, technology, legal, and compliance fields, offering a comprehensive overview of the future of AI regulation and its broad-reaching implications.

Target Audience

The upcoming EU AI Act Summit 2024 in London is a must-attend event for a diverse range of professionals whose roles intersect with the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

It caters to sectors like financial services, technology, cybersecurity, healthcare, telecommunications, legal services, and academic research.

The event is particularly relevant for Heads of AI and Digital Risk, who are at the forefront of overseeing AI strategies and managing digital risks in their organizations.

Chief Risk Officers and Chief Innovation Officers, responsible for mitigating risks and driving innovation with a focus on AI, will find the summit incredibly valuable.

It’s also critical for Chief Technology and Data Officers, who play a pivotal role in technology and data management, to stay updated with the latest in AI regulatory changes.

 Legal professionals, including General Counsel and Heads of Legal, will gain essential insights to guide their organizations effectively in this new regulatory environment.

Chief Compliance Officers will benefit from understanding the compliance aspects of the AI Act, ensuring their organizations adhere to these new regulations.

Programme Directors for AI and Ethics, charged with integrating ethical considerations in AI, will find the summit crucial for staying ahead in their field.

This event is a key opportunity for these professionals to acquire new knowledge, engage in critical discussions, and prepare their organizations for the transformative impact of the EU AI Act.

Registration and Delegate Fees

For those interested in attending the EU AI Act Summit 2024, a structured fee system has been established to cater to a diverse range of participants. Tech, service, and solution providers, who are integral to the AI technology and services sector, are required to pay £795.00.

This rate is designed for businesses directly involved in the AI industry. For companies and financial services institutions, which include corporates and businesses that use AI technology and are subject to EU AI regulations, the fee is set at £495.00.

This makes it accessible for a broad spectrum of companies impacted by the AI Act. A special concessionary rate of £195.00 is available for regulators, government officials, and academics.

This discounted rate encourages participation from those in policy-making, regulation, and education, ensuring their crucial perspectives are represented.

There’s an enticing offer for members of the Daily AI network, who are eligible for a 20% discount on their registration fees, using the code: EUAI1DAI. This discount is aimed at fostering greater involvement from the AI community, enabling active members to share their insights.

The fee structure reflects the summit’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that a wide array of professionals from various sectors – from industry leaders to researchers and government personnel – can participate and contribute to the critical discussions on AI regulation.

Final conclusion

The EU AI Act Summit 2024 stands as a pivotal event in the landscape of artificial intelligence regulation, providing a crucial platform for a wide array of stakeholders to converge, learn, and engage with the new EU AI Act.

This summit is poised to delve into the complexities and nuances of the Act, offering invaluable insights from a distinguished lineup of experts and industry leaders.

It serves as a vital opportunity for professionals across various sectors – from technology and finance to legal and academic fields – to grasp the implications of the first comprehensive AI legislation and prepare for its far-reaching impact.

The structured registration and fee system ensures inclusivity, enabling diverse participation and fostering a rich exchange of ideas and strategies.

This summit not only highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by the EU AI Act but also underscores the growing importance of AI in our society and the need for collaborative and informed approaches to its regulation.

The EU AI Act Summit 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a stepping stone towards shaping a responsible and innovative future for AI globally.

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