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Arc Search Call Arc : A Fun and Interactive AI

Arc Search, an AI-powered mobile browsing platform, is enhancing its user experience with a new feature called Call Arc.

Launched in January 2024, Arc Search Call Arc utilizes advanced AI models, including the OpenAI API, to deliver efficient search results.

The latest update introduces a gamified and quirky approach to search, allowing users to receive verbal responses to their queries by simply holding their iPhone to their ear.

This feature might make searching more interactive and convenient, eliminating the need to look at the screen for answers.

Arc Search Call Arc

Call Arc introduces a playful, game-like element to searching, making the process more engaging for users.

The feature provides voice output for queries, allowing users to hear their search results instead of reading them on the screen.

In addition to verbal responses, Call Arc also displays the answers in written format, catering to different user preferences.

The feature can be activated by bringing the iPhone close to the ear. At the same time, the Arc Search app is open, simulating the action of making a phone call.

Once activated, the interface resembles a phone call with an end call button, a speaker button, a ‘read more’ button, and an animated smiley emoticon.

Arc Search Call Arc A Fun and Interactive AI-Powered Voice Response Feature

A timer shows the duration of the call, adding to the phone call simulation.

The verbal response feature is handy when users cannot look at their screen, such as cooking or driving.

Activation and Usage

Users need to update the Arc Search app via the App Store to activate the Call Arc feature.

The activation process is unique – users simply bring their iPhones close to their ears while the app opens.

This action triggers the Call Arc feature, simulating the phone call experience.

Once activated, users will see a call interface with an end call button, a speaker button, and a ‘read more’ button.

A central animated smiley emoticon with the word ‘Arc’ written on top appears, and a call timer shows the duration of the interaction.

The feature works smoothly in practice, though there may be a slight lag of about four seconds, depending on internet connectivity.

After processing a query, the app plays a call-waiting tune until the response is ready. Users then hear the AI’s verbal response, also displayed as text on the screen.

This dual-format response ensures accessibility and convenience, allowing users to choose their preferred method of receiving information.

How Call Arc Works

The Call Arc feature integrates seamlessly with the Arc Search app, offering an intuitive and engaging way to perform searches.

When users activate Call Arc by bringing their iPhones close to their ears, the app mimics a phone call interface. This activation triggers the AI to start processing the user’s query.

Once a query is made, there is a brief processing period, during which a call waiting tune plays.

Arc Search Call Arc A Fun and Interactive AI-Powered Voice Response Feature

This slight lag, typically around four seconds, can vary based on internet connectivity but generally does not cause significant inconvenience.

After processing, the AI responds verbally to the user’s query. This response is also displayed as text on the screen, allowing users to read along if they prefer.

The dual-format response ensures that users can access information most conveniently for their current situation.

This feature is handy when users cannot quickly look at their screens, such as when cooking or driving. Call Arc allows users to stay informed and multitask effectively by providing audible responses.

The feature also includes a read more button for users who want to delve deeper into the search results, enhancing the overall user experience.


One of the primary benefits is its utility in multitasking environments. While cooking, users can simply ask for a recipe and receive step-by-step instructions verbally, allowing them to keep their hands free and focus on their task without glancing at the screen.

Another practical use case is while driving. Users can query directions, traffic updates, or other information without taking their eyes off the road, enhancing safety and convenience.

Call Arc provides a helpful alternative in any situation where reading a screen is impractical or unsafe.

The feature also benefits users with visual impairments or those who prefer auditory learning. By offering verbal responses, Arc Search ensures accessibility and inclusivity, making it a valuable tool for a broader range of users.

Arc Search Call Arc A Fun and Interactive AI-Powered Voice Response Feature

The Call Arc feature can also make casual queries more fun and engaging. The gamified experience of holding the phone to the ear and receiving spoken answers adds an element of novelty and enjoyment to the search process, which can increase user satisfaction and engagement with the app.

AI-Powered Voice Features

The Call Arc feature distinguishes itself from other AI-powered voice features through its unique, gamified activation method and dual-format responses.

While many AI assistants provide verbal responses, the Call Arc feature’s phone call simulation adds an element of fun and engagement that sets it apart.

ChatGPT with GPT-4o, for example, also offers internet access and lag-free verbal responses. It typically activates through voice commands or text input, lacking the playful interaction that Call Arc provides.

While ChatGPT delivers comprehensive and accurate responses, it must incorporate the same gamified experience of bringing the phone to the ear.

Google’s Gemini app on Android offers similar verbal response capabilities but has yet to be available on iOS. Gemini focuses on providing quick and accurate answers.

Still, it does not feature the interactive and engaging call simulation found in Call Arc. Furthermore, Gemini’s primary activation method is through standard voice commands, making it less distinctive regarding user interaction.

Call Arc’s combination of verbal and written responses also enhances user accessibility and convenience, catering to different preferences and situations.

This dual-format approach ensures that users can switch between listening and reading based on their needs, something not all voice assistants offer.

While other AI-powered voice features provide efficient and accurate responses, Call Arc stands out for its unique activation method, engaging user experience, and versatile response formats.

Final Thoughts

Integrating a playful and engaging activation method with dual-format responses offers a unique and convenient way to access information. This innovation is particularly beneficial in multitasking scenarios and for users with specific accessibility needs.

Compared to other AI-powered voice features, Call Arc’s gamified approach and versatile response options provide a distinct user experience that is both fun and practical.

As AI technology evolves, features like Call Arc demonstrate how creative design can improve functionality and user satisfaction.

Call Arc adds a new dimension to the Arc Search app, making it a valuable tool for users seeking an interactive and efficient way to perform searches.

Combining verbal and written responses ensures accessibility and convenience, while the engaging activation process enhances the overall user experience.

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