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Google’s Notebook LM Launched Globally

Google has released the global expansion of its AI-powered note-taking assistant, Google’s Notebook LM After an initial launch in the United States.

Powered by Google’s advanced multimodal LLM Gemini 1.5 Pro, NotebookLM is designed to help users generate summaries and answer questions based on their documents efficiently.

This expansion comes with new features and enhancements, poised to revolutionize how people interact with their notes and research materials.

Google’s Notebook LM

Google’s NotebookLM is now reaching a global audience, expanding its availability to over 200 countries and territories.

This significant rollout follows nearly six months after its initial launch in the United States, showcasing Google’s commitment to making its advanced AI tools accessible worldwide.

Key regions benefiting from this expansion include Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, and the U.K. By broadening its reach, Google aims to empower diverse users with its innovative note-taking assistant, helping them streamline their research and writing processes regardless of their geographical location.

This global initiative also includes expanding interface language support to over 108 languages, ensuring more users can interact with NotebookLM in their preferred language.

New Features and Updates

One of the standout features is the inclusion of inline citations, which allow users to directly access supporting passages in their sources. This feature aims to improve the accuracy and reliability of the referenced information.

Another significant addition is the Notebook Guide, which gives users a high-level understanding of their sources.

This feature can generate various formats, such as FAQs, Briefing Docs, or Study Guides, making it easier for users to digest and organize their information.

NotebookLM now supports content sourcing from Google Slides and web URLs, expanding beyond its previous capabilities of handling Google Docs, PDFs, and text files.

This broader content support enhances the flexibility and utility of the platform, allowing users to integrate a broader range of materials into their notes.

Google's Notebook LM Globally, Introduces New Features
Image Credits: Google

NotebookLM’s ability to summarize and adapt interview transcripts is a powerful tool for users who need to identify patterns and themes in raw transcripts.

For example, consultant Victor Adefuye uses NotebookLM to analyze sales call transcripts for targeted training and coaching, demonstrating the platform’s practical applications in various professional contexts.

Enhanced Content Sourcing

One of the key enhancements in the latest update of NotebookLM is its expanded content-sourcing capabilities.

Users can now source content from Google Slides and web URLs, in addition to the existing support for Google Docs, PDFs, and text files.

This new functionality significantly broadens the range of materials integrated into the platform, making it more versatile and adaptable to different user needs.

By including Google Slides, NotebookLM allows users to pull in visual and structured content from their presentations, which can be particularly useful for summarizing key points or generating cohesive notes from slide decks.

The ability to source content directly from web URLs means users can incorporate information from various online resources, further enriching their notes and research documents.

This enhanced content sourcing provides greater flexibility and streamlines the process of gathering and organizing information from multiple sources.

Users can seamlessly integrate various types of documents into a single cohesive workspace, facilitating more comprehensive and efficient research and note-taking.

These improvements demonstrate Google’s commitment to making NotebookLM a powerful tool for handling diverse and complex information, ultimately helping users achieve better productivity and insights.


For professionals and researchers, NotebookLM’s ability to summarize and adapt lengthy interview transcripts saves significant time by automating the manual analysis process.

For example, consultant Victor Adefuye uses NotebookLM to analyze sales call transcripts, allowing him to provide targeted training and coaching more effectively. Students and researchers benefit significantly from the new content-sourcing capabilities.

They can gather and organize information from Google Slides, web URLs, Google Docs, PDFs, and text files, compiling comprehensive notes and summaries. The inline citations and Notebook Guide features further enhance the accuracy and organization of their work.

Business professionals preparing reports and presentations can seamlessly incorporate content from Google Slides, creating cohesive reports and presentations more efficiently.

Generating summaries and high-level overviews in formats like FAQs and Briefing Docs aids in preparing executive summaries and key takeaways.

Google's Notebook LM Globally, Introduces New Features

Writers, content creators, and marketers can curate information from various online sources with expanded content from web URLs, integrating it into their notes for easy reference and use in content creation.

The new features in NotebookLM enhance its functionality and offer substantial time savings and improved efficiency across different tasks and professional fields.

Language Support Expansion

Google has broadened the language support for NotebookLM, now accommodating over 108 languages. This expansion ensures more diverse users can interact with the platform in their preferred language, making it more accessible and user-friendly globally.

By supporting such a wide range of languages, Google aims to cater to the needs of users from various linguistic backgrounds, facilitating a smoother and more inclusive experience.

The enhanced language support is particularly beneficial for users who rely on NotebookLM for academic research, professional work, and personal projects, allowing them to interact with the platform in a natural and intuitive way.

This move underscores Google’s commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility, ensuring that the powerful features of NotebookLM are available to a broader audience, regardless of their native language.

Google's Notebook LM Globally, Introduces New Features

Google’s global rollout of NotebookLM, powered by the Gemini 1.5 Pro, significantly advances AI-powered note-taking. Now available in over 200 countries and supporting more than 108 languages, NotebookLM is accessible to a diverse global audience.

New features like inline citations and the Notebook Guide improve accuracy and organization, while expanded content sourcing from Google Slides and web URLs enhances flexibility.

These updates make NotebookLM a versatile tool for various professional and academic uses, such as summarizing interview transcripts and integrating multiple content formats.

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