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Apple New iPad Air and iPad Pro with OLED 2024

Apple has once again set the bar high in the world of tablet computing with the release of its latest innovations, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Apple’s New iPad has improved design, performance, and functionality. The powerful new M4 and M2 chips and a range of sophisticated accessories are designed to enhance user interaction and productivity. Also launched with an OLED display for the first time on an iPad

The Apple New iPad Pro

The latest iteration of the iPad Pro boasts a stunningly thin and light design, available in two sizes, the expansive 13-inch model and the super-portable 11-inch model.

This design evolution makes the new iPad Pro the thinnest Apple product ever, with the 11-inch model measuring just 5.3 mm thick and the 13-inch model even slimmer at 5.1 mm.

Despite their slim profiles, both models maintain the structural integrity of their predecessors.

Available in elegant silver and space black finishes, the enclosures are crafted from 100 per cent recycled aluminium, emphasizing Apple’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

At the heart of the new iPad Pro is the breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display, which employs state-of-the-art tandem OLED technology to achieve unprecedented visual quality.

This technology allows for exceptional full-screen brightness, up to 1000 units for standard dynamic range content and 1600 nits at peak for high dynamic range content.

The display’s extreme dynamic range is further enhanced by sub-millisecond control over the colour and luminance of each pixel, providing users with more vivid highlights and deeper shadows.

For professionals working in colour-managed workflows or challenging lighting conditions, a new nano-texture glass option is available, designed to reduce glare without compromising contrast or image quality.

Apple New iPad : Untangled to the Brim

The power behind the new iPad Pro’s impressive capabilities is the M4 chip, marking a significant advancement in Apple’s silicon design.

The M4 chip features an entirely new display engine and enhancements to the CPU and GPU architectures, building upon the foundations laid by the M3 chip.

This results in up to 1.5x faster CPU performance than the M2, with a 10-core GPU that introduces features like Dynamic Caching and hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing.

These improvements enhance graphical performance and optimize power efficiency, allowing the M4 to deliver the same level of performance as the M2 while using only half the power.

The Apple Pencil Pro and a redesigned, thinner, and lighter Magic Keyboard complement the new iPad Pro.

The Apple Pencil Pro introduces new interactions, such as advanced pressure sensitivity and tilt functions, designed to make digital artistry and note-taking more natural and intuitive.

The Magic Keyboard, now lighter than its predecessors, offers a responsive typing experience and includes additional features that maximize functionality and ease of use.

The New iPad Air

The redesigned iPad Air is now available in two distinct sizes, marking a first in the series: an 11-inch model for ultimate portability and a new 13-inch model that provides significantly more screen real estate.

This new larger size offers users 30% more display area than the 11-inch version, making it ideal for multitasking and media consumption.

Both models feature a sleek, lightweight design that embodies Apple’s commitment to powerful yet accessible technology.

The iPad Air offers exciting new finishes, including blue and purple, classic starlight and space grey, catering to personal style preferences.

Apple has enhanced the camera system in the new iPad Air to provide greater versatility for content creators and everyday users alike.

The updated 12MP back camera now captures Smart HDR images and offers improved performance in low light conditions.

The front-facing TrueDepth camera system has been repositioned to the landscape edge, optimizing the device for video calls, mainly when used with the Magic Keyboard or Smart Folio.

This model also includes an adaptive True Tone flash for superior document scanning.

Audio enhancements include four studio-quality mics and landscape stereo speakers designed to provide immersive sound for media playback and more precise audio capture during video recording.

At the core of the new iPad Air is the M2 chip, which delivers a substantial boost in performance with its 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU.

This upgrade ensures nearly 50% faster performance than its predecessor equipped with the M1 chip, making it a powerhouse for professional and creative applications.

The M2 chip also includes a more efficient 16-core Neural Engine that accelerates machine learning tasks, enhancing features like Visual Look Up, Subject Lift, and Live Text.

Apple New iPad : Untangled to the Brim

These AI-driven capabilities make the iPad Air a competent device for various demanding applications, from advanced content creation to intuitive productivity solutions.

The iPad Air supports Wi-Fi 6E, offering up to twice the performance of the previous generation for faster, more reliable online connectivity.

For mobile professionals and those on the go, the 5G-enabled models provide high-speed internet access, ensuring seamless file transfers and efficient remote collaboration.

The integration of eSIM technology allows for easier activation and switching of carrier plans, supporting a digital-first approach to connectivity.

Software and Ecosystem

The new iPad Pro and iPad Air come equipped with iPadOS, which introduces powerful features designed to enhance user productivity and creativity.

iPadOS includes advanced capabilities such as Stage Manager, which allows users to manage multiple applications simultaneously in a single view, increasing multitasking efficiency.

This is complemented by new tools in the Notes app that improve organization and collaboration on PDFs, making it easier to annotate and manage documents.

iPadOS features like the Freeform app offer users a flexible canvas for brainstorming and project planning, further leveraging the expansive screen space of the new iPads.

Apple’s emphasis on software integration shines with in-built support for professional applications such as Final Cut Pro and Affinity Designer.

Apple New iPad : Untangled to the Brim

These apps are optimized to take advantage of the new iPads’ hardware capabilities, such as the advanced GPU performance in the iPad Pro and the AI acceleration in the iPad Air.

Enabling complex editing tasks and creative processes to be executed with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

AI and machine learning innovations significantly enhance the new iPad models, thanks to the powerful Neural Engines in the M4 and M2 chips.

These enhancements are evident in features like Live Text and Visual Look Up, which utilize machine learning to interact intuitively with text and images.

Developers can also tap into Core ML to build custom applications that leverage the on-device processing power to deliver high-performance, real-time AI features without needing external data processing.

Support for cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Adobe Firefly reflects Apple’s recognition of the growing need for seamless integration between devices and cloud services.

 Final Thoughts

With its Ultra Retina XDR display and powerful M4 chip, the iPad Pro is designed to meet the most demanding needs of professional users who require top-tier performance and precision in their workflows.

The iPad Air, now available in two sizes and powered by the M2 chip, offers a versatile and accessible option for a broader audience, including students and content creators who seek performance and portability at a more affordable price point.

These devices highlight Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and emphasize its dedication to sustainability with the use of 100% recycled aluminium enclosures.

With enhanced AI capabilities and support for advanced applications and accessories, the new iPads promise to deliver a transformative user experience.

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