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CrowdStrike’s Faulty Update Causes Global Outage, Disrupting Critical Services

A software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has led to a widespread outage affecting Windows computers around the world. The malfunction has created significant disruptions across numerous sectors, including businesses, airports, train stations, banks, broadcasters, and healthcare facilities. The issue began late Thursday into Friday, when reports surfaced of Windows computers crashing and displaying the…

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OpenAI’s Secret ‘Strawberry’ Project Aims to Revolutionize AI Reasoning Capabilities

OpenAI is reportedly working on a project named “Strawberry.” According to a source familiar with the matter and internal documentation reviewed by Reuters, this project aims to significantly advance the reasoning capabilities of AI models significantly, potentially bringing them closer to human-level intelligence. Strawberry represents a novel approach to AI, focusing on enabling the models…

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