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iOS 18 AI Features: WWDC 2024 Decrypted

Apple is gearing up to release its latest mobile operating system, iOS 18 AI Features, at the World Wide Developers Conference on June 10.

This highly anticipated update is set to introduce advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, branded as “Apple Intelligence.”

These innovative AI features will be limited to the newest iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

iOS 18 AI Features

iOS 18 will introduce a content summarisation feature, allowing users to quickly get recaps of articles, web pages, emails, and text messages. This will make it easier to stay informed and manage information overload.

The new Reply Suggestions feature will automatically generate detailed responses to emails and text messages. This will enhance convenience and productivity, enabling users to communicate more efficiently.

Siri will receive a significant upgrade powered by large language models. Users will be able to instruct Siri to perform tasks like deleting emails, editing photos, or summarising news articles. These capabilities are expected to extend to third-party apps over time.

Apple’s software development environment, Xcode, will gain AI enhancements similar to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot. This will assist programmers by automatically completing code and streamlining the development process.

The Mail app will receive upgrades, including a feature similar to Gmail’s for automatically categorizing incoming messages. This will help users manage their emails more effectively.

iOS 18 AI Features, But Only Select iPhones Might Get Access

A new feature that is likely to appeal to younger users is the AI-created emojis. These custom emojis will be generated in real time, offering a broader range of expressive options compared to the current standardized library.

The Voice Memos app will benefit from AI-driven transcription, making it easier to convert spoken words into written text. This feature is currently available on Google Pixel devices and third-party apps.

The Photos app will integrate new AI capabilities for photo editing, simplifying tasks like image enhancement and object removal. This will make it easier for users to improve their photos without needing advanced editing skills.

Device Compatibility


The advanced AI features in iOS 18 will be available exclusively on newer iPhone models. Specifically, only the iPhone 15 Pro models and the upcoming iPhone 16 series will support these AI functionalities.

Older iPhone models will need access to these advanced features, highlighting the need for the latest hardware to fully utilize the new capabilities.

iPads and Macs

For iPads and Macs, at least an M1 chip is required to access the AI features in iOS 18. This means that only the more recent models with these powerful chips will be able to take advantage of the new AI-driven functionalities.

This selective compatibility underscores Apple’s focus on leveraging the latest technological advancements in their devices to deliver enhanced user experiences with iOS 18.

Additional Features and Upgrades

RCS Support

iOS 18 will introduce Rich Communication Services support, enhancing text messaging between iPhone and Android users. This update will bring features like read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality image and video sharing, and location sharing, bridging the gap between SMS and iMessage functionalities.

New Passwords App

For the first time, iOS 18 will include a dedicated Passwords app, making it easier for users to manage their login credentials. This app will be available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Vision Pro platforms and even on Windows, providing a centralized location for password management.

Messages App Enhancements

The Messages app will see several notable improvements. Users will be able to react to messages with any emoji, not just the predefined options. A new feature will allow scheduling messages to be sent at a later time, adding flexibility to communication.

Home Screen Customization

iOS 18 will introduce more customization options for the Home Screen. Users will be able to freely place app icons, creating gaps between widgets and app icons. Another new feature will allow users to change the color of app icons system-wide, adding a personal touch to the Home Screen layout.

iOS 18 AI Features, But Only Select iPhones Might Get Access

Apple Maps Custom Routes

Apple Maps will offer a new custom route creation feature, allowing users to design specific routes for their trips. This gives users more control over their journey, rather than relying solely on suggested routes from Apple Maps.

Settings App Revamp

The Settings app, essentially unchanged since 2007, will get a significant overhaul in iOS 18. The new version will feature a revamped interface with improved organization and a more powerful search function, making it easier to find and adjust settings.

Control Center Redesign

iOS 18 will introduce a redesigned Control Center with an updated music widget and enhanced HomeKit integration. The new design will allow for more customization options, such as splitting the Control Center across multiple pages, providing users with a more personalized and efficient control experience.

Release Timeline

Apple’s iOS 18 is set to follow a structured release timeline, beginning with beta versions before reaching the general public.

The first beta version of iOS 18 will be made available immediately after Apple’s keynote at the WWDC event on June 10, 2024.

This release will be followed by a public beta expected in July 2024, allowing a broader audience to test and provide feedback on the new features.

The final public release of iOS 18 is anticipated in September 2024, aligning with Apple’s typical schedule for major iOS updates.

iOS 18 AI Features, But Only Select iPhones Might Get Access

This timing coincides with the annual release of new iPhone models, which this year includes the iPhone 16 series.

Apple has adhered to a September launch for its major iOS updates, ensuring a polished version is ready for the general public.

This structured release process, starting with developer and public betas, allows Apple to fine-tune the operating system, fix bugs, and incorporate user feedback, ensuring a smooth rollout of iOS 18 with its advanced AI features and other enhancements.​

Apple’s iOS 18 introduces advanced AI capabilities, branded as “Apple Intelligence,” but these features will only be available on the latest iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

Alongside AI advancements, iOS 18 brings enhanced customization, improved messaging, new password management, and significant updates to apps like Maps, Photos, and Control Center. The first beta release is set for June 10, with the public launch expected in September 2024.

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