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Microsoft Build 2024 Preview

Microsoft Build 2024, the annual developer conference, will commence on Tuesday, May 21, and run for three days. 

This highly anticipated event, available in-person and virtually, promises a deep dive into the future of artificial intelligence and its integration across Microsoft’s products and services. 

With the theme “How will AI shape your future?” this year’s Build is expected to feature significant announcements, innovative updates, and powerful new tools designed to enhance the developer experience and push the boundaries of technology. 

The event will kick off with a keynote address from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, accompanied by several top executives, who will offer insights into the company’s latest advancements and strategic directions.

Whether you’re a developer, tech enthusiast, or industry professional, Microsoft Build 2024 is set to be an unmissable event showcasing the forefront of AI and technology innovation.

How to Watch Microsoft Build 2024

Microsoft Build 2024 will be accessible to a global audience, offering in-person and virtual attendance options. Here’s how you can tune in to catch all the action.

The event starts on Tuesday, May 21, with the keynote beginning at 9 am PT and 10:30 pm IST.

The keynote and other sessions will be streamed live on YouTube.

You can also watch the event directly on Microsoft’s website at

To access the live stream and participate in the event, visit and complete the free registration process. 

This will grant you access to all sessions, keynotes, and additional content provided during the conference.

Key Announcements

Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft will Release its new line of Copilot Plus PCs, which boast advanced AI capabilities.

These PCs feature an NPU capable of 40+ TOPs, making them highly efficient in handling AI tasks. This mainly benefits notebooks running on battery, ensuring power and efficiency.

AI Integration in Windows 11

Enhanced integration of AI within Windows 11, building on the capabilities of the Windows Copilot assistant.

Allows users to find previously viewed content on their device through semantic search using descriptive clues.

Enables users to create AI-generated images in real-time by combining sketching and text prompts.

Provides instant translation of live or pre-recorded videos in any app from 44 languages into English.

Introduces creative filters, portrait light, improved eye contact, and teleprompter features.

Office Suite Enhancements

Deeper integration of the Copilot chatbot within Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and Outlook.

These enhancements strengthen Microsoft Office’s position against competitors like Google Workspace, which has recently introduced Gemini-based AI features.

Azure AI Tools and Solutions

Introduction of new AI tools and solutions within the Azure cloud platform.

These tools will enable developers to leverage AI innovatively, further expanding Microsoft’s AI ecosystem and helping Azure compete more effectively with Amazon’s AWS.

Potential announcements related to Microsoft’s ongoing partnership with OpenAI, highlighting collaborative efforts to integrate advanced AI capabilities.

At Microsoft Build 2024, a host of new AI features and integrations will be unveiled, demonstrating the company’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence across its product suite. 

Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft is launching a new series of Copilot Plus PCs equipped with advanced AI capabilities.

These PCs feature the most potent NPUs, which can deliver over 40 TOPs. 

This ensures remarkable efficiency and performance in handling AI tasks, which is especially beneficial for devices running on battery power.

Windows 11 Next Gen AI Features

Recall helps users find previously viewed content on their device through semantic search. Users can input descriptive clues about the content they remember, and the AI will retrieve relevant items.

Allows users to scroll through a timeline of past activities and snapshots, making it easier to locate specific content.

Microsoft Build 2024 Preview


Users can create AI-generated images by combining sketching with a mouse or touchscreen and text prompts. This feature enables intuitive and dynamic content creation.

Ideal for artists, designers, and content creators looking for a seamless integration of text and visual creativity.

Live Captions

This feature provides real-time translation of live or pre-recorded videos across any app or platform. It supports translations from 44 languages into English.

Enhances accessibility for non-native speakers and those with hearing impairments by providing immediate captions in the user’s preferred language.

Windows Studio Effects

Introduces new creative filters and portrait lighting options, enhancing the visual quality of video calls and recordings.

Upgrades existing features such as eye contact, which ensures the speaker appears to maintain eye contact with the camera, and teleprompter functionality, making it easier to deliver presentations smoothly.

Microsoft Office Enhancements

Deeper integration of the Copilot chatbot within Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.

AI-powered features are designed to improve productivity and streamline workflows, helping users complete tasks more efficiently.

Windows and Office

Microsoft Build 2024 is expected to bring a wealth of enhancements to Windows and Microsoft Office, driven by AI advancements. Here’s what to look forward to:

Building on the introduction of Windows Copilot, we expect further integration of AI to assist with everyday tasks, provide intelligent suggestions, and automate repetitive processes.

Enhanced AI-driven recommendations for apps, files, and settings, improving user productivity and personalization.

This feature lets users quickly find previously accessed content using semantic search and descriptive clues. Timeline scrolling enables quick navigation through past activities.

Microsoft Build 2024 Preview

AI-powered real-time generative image creation by combining text prompts with sketches. This tool revolutionizes how users create content directly within the Windows environment.

Real-time translation of live and pre-recorded video content across various platforms, making content more accessible and inclusive.

New creative filters, portrait lighting, and upgraded features, such as enhanced eye contact and teleprompter functionality, aim to improve video communication and content creation.

Leveraging the powerful NPUs in Copilot Plus PCs, Windows 11 will offer improved performance and efficiency, especially for AI tasks, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Deeper integration of the Copilot chatbot within Office applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook to assist users with drafting documents, analyzing data, and managing emails.

Features that provide intelligent insights, helping users make data-driven decisions and enhancing their productivity.

Improved real-time collaboration tools allow multiple users to work together seamlessly on documents and presentations.

Tools that enable users to create high-quality content using AI-generated suggestions and templates.

With Google’s recent introduction of Gemini-based AI features, Microsoft Office will enhance its AI capabilities to remain competitive. It will offer robust tools that streamline workflows and enhance user productivity.

Cloud and Ecosystem

The introduction of AI tools and solutions within Azure was designed to empower developers to build innovative applications and expand Microsoft’s AI ecosystem.

The seamless integration of Azure AI tools with Office and Windows provides a unified platform for developers and users.

Microsoft Build 2024 is set to introduce several exciting updates and innovations to its cloud platform, Azure. 

These updates aim to enhance the capabilities of developers and businesses, allowing them to leverage advanced AI and cloud technologies to drive innovation and efficiency.

Microsoft will release updated software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide developers with advanced tools to integrate AI into their applications seamlessly.

Enhancements to Azure Machine Learning services, including new algorithms, pre-built models, and more user-friendly interfaces to simplify the development and deployment of AI models.

Microsoft Build 2024 Preview

Introduced new and improved cognitive services that offer speech recognition, natural language processing, and image analysis capabilities. 

These services will be more integrated, making it easier for developers to add sophisticated AI functionalities to their applications.

The Azure OpenAI service will be expanded, providing access to the latest OpenAI models, including GPT-4 and potentially new advancements, for various applications from customer service to content generation.

Introducing new virtual machine instances optimized for AI and machine learning workloads. These instances will provide higher computational power and better performance for running intensive AI models.

Improvements to Azure Functions and Logic Apps, offering more efficient and scalable serverless computing options. These enhancements aim to reduce costs and simplify the development process for dynamic applications.

New security measures to protect Azure data and applications include enhanced encryption, identity and access management, and threat detection capabilities.

Additional tools and services to help organizations meet regulatory requirements and ensure data privacy and compliance with global standards.

Deeper integration between Azure and Office 365, enabling more seamless workflows and data sharing between cloud services and productivity tools. This integration will enhance the overall user experience and improve efficiency.

Improved connectivity and functionality between Azure and Windows 11, allowing for more robust cloud-based features and better support for hybrid work environments.

Marketplace’s expansion will give developers access to a broader range of third-party applications, services, and tools. This expansion aims to foster a more vibrant ecosystem and offer more options for building and deploying solutions on Azure.

New training programs and certifications for developers and IT professionals, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest Azure technologies and best practices.

Introduction of industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare, finance, and retail sectors. These solutions will leverage AI and cloud technologies to address common challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Build 2024 is a landmark event that showcases the company’s latest advancements in AI, cloud computing, and developer tools. 

Focusing on how AI will shape the future, the event promises exciting updates across Microsoft’s product lineup, from the introduction of powerful Copilot Plus PCs to the deeper integration of AI in Windows 11 and Microsoft Office.

Attendees can expect significant enhancements in AI features, such as Recall, Co-Creator, Live Captions, and Windows Studio Effects, all of which aim to boost productivity and creativity. 

The unveiling of new AI tools and solutions on Azure will provide developers with robust capabilities to innovate and expand their applications, further solidifying Microsoft’s position in the cloud market.

The keynote addresses by Satya Nadella and other top executives, along with potential appearances by leaders from OpenAI, will offer valuable insights into Microsoft’s strategic vision and the future direction of technology. 

Whether you’re tuning in online or attending in person, Microsoft Build 2024 is an unmissable event for anyone interested in the cutting-edge developments shaping the tech industry.

By embracing AI and integrating it across its ecosystem, Microsoft continues to empower users and developers, driving technological progress and fostering a more connected and intelligent world.

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