Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer The New AI in the Block is a blockchain platform that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and automate everyday tasks like booking parking spaces or flights.

By decentralizing transactions on the web, aims to enhance efficiency and convenience, offering users a seamless way to manage various activities through intelligent automation.

This innovative approach combines AI with blockchain technology to create a more interconnected and autonomous digital ecosystem.

Key Features automates everyday tasks such as booking parking spaces or flights, saving users time and effort. It decentralizes transactions on the web, enhancing transparency and security by eliminating intermediaries.

The platform employs AI-driven bots, known as ‘digital twins,’ representing users and performing tasks based on predefined parameters.

These digital twins can learn from previous experiences and similar transactions, improving efficiency and accuracy. supports decentralized finance applications, identifying arbitrage opportunities in crypto trading and allowing users to capitalize on price differences across exchanges. The New AI  in the Block

The native cryptocurrency of the platform, FET, is used for transactions, staking, and governance, ensuring smooth operation and incentivizing participation.

Users can stake FET tokens to participate in governance and decision-making processes, earning interest at a variable rate. Staking FET is also required to deploy digital twins, preventing spam and malicious activities on the platform.

The total supply of FET is capped at 1.1 billion tokens, available on major crypto exchanges like eToro and Coinbase.

How Works decentralizes and automates web transactions using AI-driven bots called ‘digital twins.’ These digital twins represent users and perform tasks based on parameters set by the user.

Instead of manually searching for and booking a flight, a digital twin would negotiate deals with airlines and ticket providers on behalf of the user. The digital twin can also learn from other twins who have completed similar tasks, enhancing its ability to find the best options.

In addition to everyday tasks,’s platform is used in decentralized finance. For instance, it can identify token trading at a lower price on one crypto exchange compared to others and automatically take advantage of this price difference.

Users spend the native cryptocurrency, FET, to utilize services within the platform. They can also stake FET to participate in the platform’s governance and earn interest. The requirement to stake FET helps prevent spam and malicious activity, ensuring the integrity of the network.

Applications of has a wide range of applications across different sectors. One significant application is automating everyday tasks, such as booking flights or parking spaces.

Users can set their preferences, and’s digital twins handle the rest, interacting with service providers to find the best deals and arrangements.

Another important application is in decentralized finance. can monitor multiple crypto exchanges to identify price discrepancies for tokens, allowing users to benefit from arbitrage opportunities. The New AI  in the Block

This automated trading can enhance users’ financial strategies without requiring constant manual oversight. is also used in supply chain management, where digital twins can optimize logistics by predicting demand, managing inventory, and coordinating with suppliers. This results in more efficient operations and reduced costs.

In the energy sector, enables decentralized energy grids where digital twins manage energy consumption and distribution. This leads to better resource allocation and potentially lower energy costs for consumers.

FET Cryptocurrency

FET is the native cryptocurrency of the platform, serving multiple roles within the ecosystem. Users spend FET to access services and perform transactions on the platform.

It is the primary medium of exchange, facilitating interactions between digital twins and various service providers.

FET is essential for staking, allowing users to participate in the governance of the platform. By staking FET, users can vote on proposals and influence the platform’s future direction.

This process gives users a voice and incentivizes their involvement by offering a variable interest rate, currently around 10% annually.

Staking FET also has a security function, as it helps to prevent the platform from being overrun by spam and malicious digital twins.

Only users who stake FET can deploy digital twins, ensuring participants have a vested interest in maintaining the platform’s integrity. The total supply of FET is fixed at 1.1 billion tokens, providing scarcity and potential value appreciation.

FET tokens can be bought and traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro and Coinbase, making them accessible to many users. This fixed supply and broad availability contribute to the stability and growth potential of the ecosystem.

Security and Supply incorporates several security measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of its platform. One key security feature is the requirement to stake FET tokens to deploy digital twins.

This mechanism helps to prevent spam and malicious activities by ensuring that only users with a vested interest in the platform can create and operate digital twins.

Staking creates a barrier to entry for potential attackers and incentivizes honest participation. The total supply of FET is fixed at 1.1 billion tokens, providing scarcity and helping to maintain the token’s value.

This fixed supply prevents inflation, making FET a valuable asset for investors and users. The limited number of tokens ensures the value is preserved over time, encouraging long-term holding and stability within the ecosystem.

FET tokens are available on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as eToro and Coinbase, making them accessible to a wide audience. The New AI  in the Block

This broad availability ensures liquidity and allows users to easily buy, sell, and trade FET tokens. The fixed supply and wide distribution of FET contribute to the overall security and robustness of the platform, supporting its growth and adoption in various applications. leverages AI and blockchain technology to automate and decentralize everyday tasks and financial transactions. With its native cryptocurrency, FET, users can access services, stake for governance, and ensure platform security.

The fixed supply of 1.1 billion FET tokens helps maintain value and incentivizes long-term participation. Available on significant exchanges, offers innovative solutions across multiple industries, enhancing efficiency and convenience for users.

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